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Being a Church School


We believe that being a Church School makes Hallow distinct because our ethos is based on Christian values. We believe that every child is unique and each has individual gifts and talents. It is our role to recognise and nurture these talents, and support every child to become the best that they can be.

Hallow CE Primary is a Church School not a faith school; this means that our community is open to people of all faiths and those of no faith. We do not seek to develop a Christian faith in our pupils, although our actions are driven by Christian principles. The school places great emphasis on the spiritual development of the children, and this helps children to reflect on the big questions of life as they seek to make sense for themselves of the world they encounter.

Special emphasis is placed on Collective Worship which helps to create a strong and reflective community. Our worship is one of the key ways in which we forge a shared set of values; it also provides us with a pathway that guides us through the year. Special emphasis is also placed on Religious Education where children can explore the spiritual response of other people. Our children encounter the major world faiths as well as focusing on Christianity.